Cowan Creek Mountain Music School Memorial Scholarships

Art Stamper Scholarship:  for fiddle students

Burt Hatfield Scholarship:  Banjo and/or Guitar students

Charlie Whitaker Scholarship: Square Dance calling students

The above scholarships are awarded to a student based on commitment, excellence, and accomplishment.  Open to students at any level.

Ray Slone Teaching Assistantship: This scholarship is for Fiddle and/or Banjo students.  The students should show maturity, promise, and demonstrate an ability and interest in teaching.

Rodney Sanders Scholarship:  This scholarship is awarded to a student based on a sincere commitment and interest in learning any area of traditional Kentucky music.  This is both a merit and need-based scholarship and is open to students of ALL ages, with an emphasis on youth and senior citizens.

At the beginning of the music school, each instructor receives a nomination form.  Classroom participation and out of class time involvement through “jam” sessions and other opportunities througout the week help form the instructors decision for student nomination.  On Thursday, each faculty gives their nomination for to the designated committee members for that particular school week.  This is usually a committee of three to five faculty members.  On Friday evening before the student recital, the winners are announced. 

Donations are accepted for the Memorial Scholarship fund in any amount. Please make donation payable to: Cowan Community Action Group, Inc., “CCMM Memorial Scholarhip fund”, 81 Sturgill Branch, Whitesburg, Kentucky 41858. List in the memo line the memorial scholarship designation. 

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