Afternoon Workshops

Afternoon workshops are held each day from 3:30 to 4:30 pm.

Rich Kirby2


Big Room:  Square Dancing for Absolute Beginners- Erynn Marshall
Meeting Room:  Bowing from the Ky Masters (with vintage video)- John Harrod
Outside Building:  Kentucky’s Coal Mining Music- Rich Kirby


Brett Ratliff2Tuesday:
Big Room: Bath County Fiddle Tunes – Don Rogers
Meeting Room”: Songs of Struggles & Freedom – Brett Ratliff
Old Regular Baptist Church: Lined-out Hymn Singing – James Caudill & Congregation


garvthumbsmall (1)Wednesday:

Big Room:  I Really Want to Play the Fiddle! – Jimmy McCown
Meeting Room:  Flatpicking Fiddle Tunes:  Michael Garvin
Outside Building:  Ky Mountain Blues Banjo- Two-finger Picking – John Haywood






Meeting Room:  Craftin’ Little Tom T. Halls;  Songwriting for Kids – The Local Honeys
Old Regular Baptist Meeting Room: Shape-Note Singing- Ben Fink


Barb Kuhns JP Fraley Doug SmithFriday:

Meeting Room:  JP Fraley’s Tearjerkers – Barb Kuhns & Doug Smith
Outside Building:  Vocal Strengthening – Karly Dawn Milner
On the Grounds:  Play Party Games- Randy Wilson
More student and TA led workshops. Bring something to share!



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