2018 Faculty


Brett Ratliff  (Beginning Banjo)
Montana Hobbs  (Early Intermediate Banjo) 
Carla Gover  (Intermediate Banjo) 
John Haywood  (Advanced: Southeast Kentucky Banjo Styles)

Megan Gregory  (Beginning Fiddle)
Erynn Marshall (Advanced Beginner Fiddle)
Linda Jean Stokley (Early Intermediate Fiddle)
Barbara Kuhns (Intermediate Fiddle)
John Harrod (Intermediate/Advanced: Kentucky’s African-American Fiddlers)
Jimmy McCowan (Advanced Fiddle)

Roy Tackett (Beginning Guitar)
Russell Wright  (Intermediate Guitar)
Michael Garvin  (Advanced Guitar: Kentucky Thumbpicking)

Don Rogers

Old Time String Band & Singing
Karly Dawn Milner

Kids on the Creek
Sophie Dansereau, Debra Fields, Amanda Wells

Web Hint:  Click once on an instructor’s name and learn about about them and their music or art.

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