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Parkway Inn 3749 Hwy 15, Whitesburg (606) 633-4441
Whitesburg Motel 251 Medical Plaza, Whitesburg (606) 633-8888
Seco B & B (606) 855-7968
Cowan Creek Cottage (606) 633-9831                                                                    


Keep your eyes peeled for the bald eagles at Carr Fork Lake!

Carr Creek State Park, P.O. Box 249, Sassafras, KY 41759 (606) 642-4050
Wiley’s Last Resort: Primitive Campground. Contact Jim Webb at (606) 633-0108.


Lunch is provided at the Cowan Community Center at noon each day. Look forward to eating local! The Cowan Community Center’s Grow Appalachia program will be serving up fresh and delicious food grown by gardeners right on Big Cowan. Breakfast and coffee will be for sale before morning classes. Supper is on your own.

Recommended eats:
Heritage Kitchen 260 Main St. Whitesburg,  (606) 536-5055
Summit City, 214 Main Street, Whitesburg, (606) 633-2715
Pine Mountain Grill, 45 Hwy 119S, Whitesburg, (606) 633-1183
Las Peñas, 180 Parkway Plaza Loop, Whitesburg, (606) 633-3903

(Whitesburg also has the usual fast food suspects, as well as a Food City & Walmart for groceries)

Evening Jamming:
Jams tend to follow, after the evening concerts– at the campsites, at the motels (outside, or jammed into the rooms!)  or at Summit City. Everybody’s welcome to join in!

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