36349991_10156761348998598_5398517855186583552_nI’m not sure what level I should be in?  How do I know?  First, be sure to read the class description HERE for your preferred class, that should give you an idea.  Select a class as best you can and if it turns out you or your teacher feel you’re mismatched, you can be shifted to a different class on the first morning.

How do I know if my child is ready to take an instrument class?  That depends on their interest in music, their maturity and if they have the attention span necessary for a three hour class.  Exceptions to the age limit of 11 years old and up may be made for younger children who are already learning an instrument or who have an adult relative in the same class.  Children not yet ready for an instrument class should register for Kids on the Creek, a music, arts and outdoor activities class for kids 5 to 10.

What if the class I want is full?  Don’t despair.  Intermediate and advanced level students in any string instrument can still learn new tunes and more in the Old Time String Band class.  If you are needing a beginner or early intermediate class that is full, let Stacy know at (606) 633-3187 or cowancreekmountainmusic@gmail.com.  If there are enough requests we may be able to offer a second section of your class.

GOOD NEWS!  We have just added another Beginner Guitar class taught by Karly Dawn Milner.  If you were unable to register because it was full, you can register starting Monday, May 8th!  


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