Fun Stuff For Kids!

RANDY-WILSON-229x300Welcome to our page of fun activities for kids!  During 2021, when we couldn’t gather due to COVID, faculty member Randy Wilson created a series of fun videos for creative kids.  Below you’ll find links to a series of videos of mountain storytellers exploring the diverse cultures which have shaped mountain life.  Scroll down further and you’ll find art projects from Yoko Nogami and Randy’s old time mountain games.  Enjoy!

Story Threads from the Appalachia Mountains video series:

Angie DeBord tells a story from Scotland. Click here
Octavia Sexton shares a folktale from her Rockcastle County grandparents.  Click here
Connie Owens shares stories from the African-American mining camp of Lynch, Kentucky.  Click here
Jimmy Vincent Mongiardo tells about Italian immigrants and their stonemasonry in east Kentucky.  Click here
The Dawahares of Syria make their way as pack peddlers through the early coal fields.  Click here
Ronnie Patrick searches for his Cherokee ancestors.  Click here

Here’s a couple of art projects you can do at home!

Randy Wilson shows how to make a Gee Haw Whammy Diddle toy yourself (Get a grown up to help you with the tools.)

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