Teaching Workshops

Come Early and Learn to Teach Old Time Music!                    don rogers   

Because of our commitment to growing the music, this year we are offering at no extra charge, an afternoon of workshops for anyone who might be teaching, or aspiring to teach, mountain music in their own community.  The workshops will be at the Cowan Community Center from 2:00 to 5:00 on arrival day- Sunday, June 18. Experienced faculty will demonstrate approaches and techniques that have been found to be effective in introducing music while building confidence and ownership. All advanced students, parents of students, public school teachers, and CCMMS faculty are welcome. Required for 2017 teaching assistants.

Teaching Workshops- Sunday, June 18 2017 at the Cowan Community Center

2:00 The First Fiddle Lesson– Erynn Marshall Teaching Beginning Banjo– Randy Wilson
3:00 Teaching Kentucky Bowing– John Harrod Teaching Rhythm Guitar to Teens– Don Rogers
4:00                                                        Teaching Vocal Technique– Amanda Wells

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