Cowan Creek Mountain Music School Celebrating 10th year!!!

As the whispering wind blows through the grounds of the Cowan Community Center, you can hear the faint beckoning of mountain music calling you!!!  Although spring hasn’t sprung, visions and dreams of early summer with mountain music, dance, and storytelling is echoing through the mountains, hills, and valleys around us.  Those of you who enjoy family,  backporch pickin’, ol’ timey stories,  and the smell of country cookin’ should be making plans to come to Cowan Creek during the last full week of June. 

June 20th thru 24th, we will be hosting our 10th annual mountain music school.  Don’t let the word “school” scare you and make you feel sick to your stomach.  Groups of people, all ages, coming together to learn how to play the old time mountain music, as we say, the precursor to the music today, fiddle, banjo, guitar.  Tuition for those living in this great state of Kentucky is $150.00 and $200.00 for out of state participants.  Five very full days at $30 to $40 dollars a day, lunch is included and a potluck on Friday evening.  Can’t beat that price at Krogers’!

Come on over and visit!!! We’ll be looking for ya!!!

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