Welcome to CCMMS 2020!

February 4, 2020


Valerie & Carol croppedHello to the Entire 2020 Cowan Creek Mountain Music School,


It is a pleasure to again welcome you to the CCMMS, whether you are a newcomer or a returning seasoned participant.  We have only one regret this year, and that is we cannot claim this is our 20th year for the school.  Unfortunately, we miss it by one year, and this will be our 19th.  However, we will celebrate our 20th in 2021.

I am pleased to be able to welcome you since I had to miss last year almost entirely.  For those of you who don’t know me, I was one of the original founders of the school and have been involved throughout its history until last summer.  In April, my husband, Kendall, had a serious fall, and I was consumed with helping with his care.  It was a dismal time for both of us, but one of the highlights of our summer was a visit from a very gifted and talented group of musicians and instructors from the music school.  They came in one by one until our sunroom and kitchen were filled with the sound of their instruments and sometimes their voices as they played for us. That was such a touching and inspiring experience, and again Kendall and I want to express our appreciation to each one who participated in that gesture.  I fear to name anyone because I can’t remember everyone’s name.

We hope those of you who are planning to be here will appreciate what we are planning to offer.  We hope to have the instructors you have come to know and love, and hopefully we will bring something new to the school. In planning, we always ask that anyone involved keep in mind our original purpose for the school, which was to preserve and promote traditional mountain music.  Just as it was in 2007, when we won the Governor’s Folk Art Award, we want to continue those efforts.

We also want to preserve the peaceful, restful, and family oriented atmosphere our school has offered.  We want it to be a place that when you leave you will truly feel that it was a good place to be and you want to return.  Until then, we wish you peaceful wintering (assuming we have some winter), and a beautiful spring.  Check out our website and let us know if you have questions or want to make suggestions.

My Very Best to You,

Carol Ison, Secretary
Cowan Community Action Group, Inc.

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