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The Cowan Creek Mountain Music School is held at the Cowan Community Center, outside of Whitesburg, in the breath-taking Appalachian Mountains of east Kentucky.

bad branch

Bad Branch State       Nature Preserve

East Kentucky has long been rich in traditional music and the music school is part of a local effort to continue that heritage. The music school emphasizes the music and musicians of Eastern Kentucky in a joyous celebration of local culture.




Just a few  great Kentucky musicians:

Paul David Smith, Snake Chapman and Bert Hatfield – ‘St. Anne’s Reel’

Master of the two-finger banjo Morgan Sexton of Bull Creek in Letcher County, Kentucky

Roscoe Holcomb from Perry County gave us the “high lonesome sound”:

Jean Ritchie, also from Perry County, was a songwriter and ballad singer who re-popularized the mountain dulcimer:

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