Information for Parents

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The Cowan Creek Mountain Music School instrument classes are open to folks age 11 and older.  Whether or not your child is ready to take an instrument class depends on their interest in music, their maturity and if they have the attention span necessary for a three hour class.  Exceptions to the age limit may be made for younger children who are already learning an instrument or who have an adult relative in the same class.  Children not yet ready for an instrument class should register for Kids on the Creek, a music, arts and outdoor activities class for kids 5 to 10.  

The faculty have been chosen for their experience and enthusiasm in teaching children;  however, the school reserves the right to ask you to pick up your child if he or she is disruptive to their class.  All children present at the school must be enrolled in a class or accompanied by a parent at all times. We cannot provide free child care.  

In the afternoon there are more activities for kids- listening to concerts by master musicians, rehearsing with the Youth String Band, playing on the shady play ground and kid friendly workshops:  flatfoot dancing, ukulele and more! 

Scholarships –  Ample scholarships for both Kentucky and out-of-state students age 22 and younger are available thanks to a generous bequest by Nancy and Harvey McClellan.   To register your child and request a scholarship just select “Scholarship Ticket” after choosing their class.  

Transportation-  Children and teens may be dropped off for class at the Cowan Elementary School at 9:00am.  A parent will need to stay a few minutes the first day of class to sign permission and emergency information forms.  Kids may be picked up at the Cowan Elementary School at 12:00 noon or may ride the bus to the Cowan Community Center for lunch and afternoon activities and be picked up there at 3:00pm.

Kids on the Creek  KOC students, ages 5 to 10, meet at the Cowan Community Center at 9:00.  Kids can be picked up at the Community Center at 3:00pm.  Breakfast, snacks, drinks and lunch are provided.  Note:  Tuition for KOC is now $250 but all KOC students are eligible for a full scholarship thanks to a generous bequest from Nancy and Harvey McClellan.  To register select “Kids on the Creek” then select “Scholarship Ticket” HERE

afternoon jamPlease note:  The Cowan Community Center, Cowan Elementary and  Southeast Ky Community & Technical College are all wheelchair accessible.  The Cowan Creek Mountain Music School is a family event: no alcohol, drugs, profanity or frowns are permitted.


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