Thanks to everyone!

early intermediate jam 

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year one of the best Cowan Creek Mountain Music Schools ever! We have been building this school, and the extended family that belongs to it, for seven years now. From all the staff, faculty and volunteers of CCMMS, we want to extend a big thank you to all the wonderful students who joined us this year. We also want to thank all the local folks who came out in numbers to join in the square dances and attend the many performances throughout the week.

  • In addition to the array of musicians performing and teaching at the music school this year, Cowan Community Action Group was proud to present storyteller Angelyn DeBord and women from the Cowan Creek Community in the It’s About Time project.  It’s About Time was sponsored by the Kentucky Arts Council’s Art Builds Community and the Kentucky Foundation for Women.  The performance by these women is the culmination of a year long project in which women in the Cowan community were provided with regularly scheduled workshops of poetry writing, story sharing and visual art. These workshops were  documented for posterity!  This project culminated in the involvement of these local women in the staged performance that we all so enjoyed.  The play was based on the stories from these womens’ lives, scripted and directed by Angelyn DeBord.   Kentucky artists Mimi Pickering, Anne Shelby and Pam Meade were all involved in the creation of this project.  The National Performance Network provided funds for Angelyn DeBord and Nancy Brennan Strange to conduct a week-long residency with the Cowan Creek Mountain Music School and to present DeBord’s original play,  ”Stubborn Memories,” as part of the faculty concert. 

Several folks have been asking about the wonderful photographs that Kelly Christian took during the music school. As soon as we get the files, we will create an online album and email everyone with the link (and also notify you here!). It may seem like a long way off, but make sure to save the week for next year: June 22-26, 2008! More news to come as we make plans for more music between now and then!  All the best,Suzanne 

CCMMS 2001 Faculty Concert CD Now Available for Download!

We are happy to announce that the previously out-of-print CCMMS 2001 Faculty Concert CD, the first music school concert featuring Art Stamper, Dirk Powell & Chritine Balfa, Lee Sexton, Jesse Wells and many of your favorite CCMMS faculty, is now available for digital download through JuneAppal Records! As with all CCMMS CDs, the proceeds from these digital sales will go to support CCMMS Youth Scholarships!  Tell your family & friends, and click here to check it out: JuneAppal website.

CCMMS/Pick & Bow Students Perform for KY Legislature

CCMMS Youth Band Performs for KY State Legislature

Youth from Letcher County & across the state performed for the Kentucky State Legislature on Tuesday, February 5th.  They opened the House’s legislatuve session by performing “Angelina Baker” and “Fly Around My Pretty Lil’ Miss.”  Several Representatives got up and danced, and the young musicians were given a standing ovation and presented with certificates.  Below are photos of the group performing and of the Letcher County Pick & Bow students with their certificates.  WMMT-FM ran a story about the trip, which can be listened to on-line:

Students Perform  Students Perform

Letcher Pick & Bow